Why does the reports not reflect my gender?

Gender-neutral reports: All of Master International reports are now gender neutral.

We have for a long time had gendered report to be more personal in our reports, addressing test takers by their gender. So why change it?

♀️♂️AVOIDING GENDER BIAS: Personality tests have traditionally been criticized for their potential to be biased towards certain genders. Gender-neutral reports help to eliminate any potential gender bias, ensuring that each individual is evaluated based solely on their personality traits.

🏳️‍🌈 INCREASED DIVERSITY: Gender-neutral reports help to promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. By eliminating any gender-related language or bias, more individuals from different gender identities can feel comfortable taking the test and being assessed.

Some companies require gender-neutral language to be used in official documents, including test reports. By using gender-neutral language, organizations can comply with requirements and avoid potential issues related to discrimination.

❤️IMPROVED CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE: Gender-neutral reports can create a more positive experience for individuals completing tests. By avoiding gender stereotypes, individuals can feel more valued and respected, improving their overall experience and potentially increasing their willingness to participate in future assessments.