What is the OPTO's leadership perspective?

The Leadership Perspective is based on the 8 Dimensions, clustering these in two overall groups: Social Leadership, which includes text based on scores on the Dimensions (in order of appearance) Resilience, Influence, Compliance, and Cooperation. Social Leadership is intended to give a perspective into leadership emergence, or in other words the degree a person is perceived as a leader.

Effective Leadership includes text based on the Dimensions (in order of appearance) Efficiency, Delivery, Innovation, and Agility. Leadership Effectiveness refers to the guiding of activities toward the achievement of goals. The Leadership Perspective text is divided into two nuances for each Dimension: Scores on the Dimensions of 1-5 and 6-10 on the STEN scale.

Theoretically, The Leadership Perspective is based on a comprehensive meta-analysis of the trait perspective in leadership research (Judge et al. 2002), with the Five Factor Model (FFM) as framework. The research concludes that there is strong support for this perspective when traits are organised according to the FFM.

Combined with the study of convergent validity (http://master-wiki.cloudapp.net/do/view/Main/OPTOConvergentValidity2016enGB) it was possible to organise the Dimensions according to the Big Five factor’s relationship with leadership based on theory. The Dimensions and Aspects are not psychometrically attached to the two groups of Leadership Perspective, but merely serves to enhance the test taker’s understanding of themselves.
The test user can use the perspective to address aspects of leadership, for example when recruiting a new manager or as part of a talent program. The Leadership Perspective is available in the following reports:

  • Score Report
  • Expanded Score Report
  • Interview Guide
  • Expanded Interview Guide
  • Decision Report