How to integrate TeamTailor in Partner Portal?

Here are the steps on how to add TeamTailor integration.

  1. Login to Partner Portal.
  2. Go to Costumers
  3. Search for the partition you want to add TeamTailor to.
  4. Select Integrations

5. In Integrations, you can now select TeamTailor


6. Once you are done adding Teamtailor integration, you have these following information. 


7. Provide TeamTailor these information in these following format 


Ex. 1064fd42-b4ca-4836-98b3-a07c9c3994d7@ace35d5e-dd11-4754-a81a-0718844b7618.integration|c4280619-9e7f-4781-9265-d425047c619a|ace35d5e-dd11-4754-a81a-0718844b7618|c4280619-9e7f-4781-9265-d425047c619a