How is the criteria match calculated?

The displayed match percentage on the appropriate reports is calculated based on a distance algorithm. For the STEN scale used in OPTO, the distance to zero is 3 STENs. This means that a score of 3 or more outside the set Criteria will give a match of 0% on the given Dimension. Any score within the Criteria get at match of 100%.

Additionally, the match percentage decline from 100% to zero is not linear: The match percentage goes from 100% to 80% the first half of the distance to zero, and from 80% to 0% on the other half. Consequently, giving a relatively higher match percentage the closer the score is to the set Criteria.

How the final match will be depending on which priority is set on the scales (e.g. a 0% score on a high priority will reduce much more than if it had a low priority).