Can I be sure that registered users are not deleted in an automated deletion?

Once you register a user and did not use an expiry date, our system will give it expiry date 3 months after registered date. How to avoid this?

There are two ways in Metis

A. Company Settings

  1. Go to Metis Administration.
  2. Choose Company Setting
  3. Turn off the Automatically delete people when they pass the expiry date
    auto delete off

4. In the Default expiry you can choose how many days their account will expire.

5. Once the date come the administrator will see a notification that this user will expire, that his/her account is 90 days old. 

6. Administrator need to act whether to delete or keep this user.

B. People Settings

  1. Choose the User 
  2. Double click on the name of the user you want to edit.
  3. Click on "Edit" in Person Status

person status-1

4. Choose Status to "Hired" then choose check 


5. As long as this user is hired his/her account will not be deleted. 

6. Administrator can always change the Person status if this user for example terminated there's an option "Terminated" in Person status.

7. If "Terminated" is selected account will expire in 90 days.